Perch for Birds

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  • SWEET FEET AND BEAK - this safety pumice bird cage perch, with real pumice, keeps your bird’s nails and beak trimmed. Promotes healthy feet and leg muscle stimulation. Creates a fun bird playground
  • LARGE SIZE - ideal for large bird cage bird perch for use with Congo African Greys, Amazons and other similar sized birds; measures 12.25 inches in length - alternative colors and sizes are available
  • A MUST-HAVE PET NAIL TRIMMER FOR BIRD OWNERS - the contoured parakeet cage nail grinder is textured like a tree branch. It's a comfortable grip that conditions your bird’s feet like pet nail clippers
  • SAFE AND NON-TOXIC BIRD STAND - the pumice parrot perch is safer than sand perches that can hurt your bird’s tender feet pads; position the perch slightly above normal perch to ensure optimum usage
  • EASY INSTALLATION - made with a durable yet lightweight plastic base and not heavy cement; super simple bird cage accessories to attach the perch to the cage. Plastic mounting hardware is included