Breakthrough Beard Stimulating Serum for Thicker Beard Growth and Reduced Patchiness

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  • STIMULATE, PROMOTE, AND ACCELERATE YOUR BEARD GROWTH. Spectral.BRD is a complete solution for increasing beard hair density. Whether your plan is to grow some light stubble or a full beard, or just increase the density of your hair.
  • FULLER, THICKER GROWTH. Nanoxodil and Adenosine are only part of the many carefully selected active ingredients that make Spectral.BRD the most comprehensive beard thickening formula on the market.
  • IMPROVED LENGTH AND DENSITY. Spectral.BRD employs a complex matrix to open ion channels in hair follicles, with a lighter molecular weight to enhance its bioavailability.
  • HIGHER EFFICACY, FASTER RESULTS. Nanonsomes are able to penetrate deeper into the skin to deliver a continuous release of Spectral.BRD’s active ingredients. This results in higher efficacy and faster results.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE TOPICAL TREATMENT. Developed from DS Laboratories’s innovative research into the complex etiology of androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, telogen effluvium, and other forms of hair thinning, as well as the most effective compounds for hair growth. Leading the world in hair care technology research, DS Laboratories has now applied its critically acclaimed, proprietary hair care technology to creating this cutting-edge facial hair enhancement product.