Athletic Grounding Shoe Strap

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  • 2020 RELEASE: Upgraded conductivity and durability. Now available in Classic Black and New White (two straps per pack).
  • FITS ALL SHOES: The versatile design easily attaches to any shoes, playing boots, or sandals. Cleaning wipes and maximum bond adhesive make for quick and reliable attachment.
  • BOOST PERFORMANCE: Eliminate electric tension and simulate the benefits of going barefoot by bypassing the rubber soles that block the flow of electricity from your body. Erthe straps are used by international sports teams and players during training/game day, including World No 1 tennis player, Novak Djokovic.
  • IMPROVES RESILIENCE: Over 20 studies have reported evidence of physiological improvements when the body is grounded, including better performance and vagus cranial nerve function which regulates your heart, lungs, and digestive tract. A 2019 study in Salzberg, Austria concluded that grounding was shown to result in faster recovery and less pronounced markers of muscle damage and inflammation.
  • MADE IN AUSTRALIA - Designed and manufactured in Australia by Earthling 3.0. Erthe was engineered to ground quickly and flawlessly all day without compromise.